Tutoring Fees:  $40/hour or $35/forty-five minute session

Payment Process: Normally, at the end of a month, parents and I plan the number of sessions their child will have for the next month.  We multiply that number by the amount per session to determine the total payment for the month to come.  The parent then brings that amount to the first monthly session. Cash or checks are the preferred form of payment.  I do not accept credit cards or Paypal.

Cancellation Policy:  At least 24 hours advance cancellation is required to avoid being charged for the session. If there is a serious emergency or illness, a call as soon as possible before the session will be acceptable, then, if possible, the session can be reschedule for later in the week.  I will not charge for infrequent emergencies, particularly if we can reschedule.  In case of a tutor cancellation or an emergency cancellations, you will receive credit for the missed session, and the amount will be subtracted from the following month's payment. 

Please Provide:  Test results, IEP (if any), and most recent report cards, so I can best assess your child’s needs.  It would also be helpful to have representative work samples to start, and occasionally as we move forward. I like to see what my students are doing at school. 

School Meetings: When scheduling permits, it is very helpful to coordinate tutoring with classroom instruction by attending teacher conferences or IEP meetings.  It also helps me fine-tune tutoring focus for each student.  I am always glad to be invited.

Registration Form - Click link on left to download or print. Bring completed form to first tutoring session.

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